• A model in front of a gold fringe background that has clovers attached to it that are green. The model has on a lime green top, light wash jeans, and white dr marten boots. She has brown hair and is holding a gold balloon. There are gold coins, lime green balloons, and gold balloons strewn around her.

    St. Patrick’s Day Photoshoot

    Want to create an easy St. Patrick’s Day photoshoot? All you need to do is grab a gold fringe background, green & gold balloons, gold coins, and clovers! I used lime green to coordinate with my outfit but, you can use any color you want. Everything I purchase I got at Walmart and the Dollar Tree. The whole shoot probably cost around $15 to create.

  • Wedding Guest Dresses and Tips

    Weddings, they are fun to attend and call for a new dress! Who doesn’t LOVE a reason to go shopping for a new outfit?! I know I do! One of the hardest parts of attending a wedding is your outfit and your gift, don’t show up empty handed. To help you out I rounded up some mini, midi, and maxi dresses to wear to a Fall wedding along with listing out some do’s and don’ts. Mini/Short Dresses Midi and Maxi Dresses Wedding Guest Tips Show up on time, no one likes a late guest. Bring a gift or card. Most wedding invites will have a registry listed or you can…

  • 2021 Goals

    2021, I can’t believe we are almost one whole month into the year that was long awaited by many. I had planned on writing this post on goals towards the beginning of the year, but I kept procrastinating, but I am finally here to share them with you! This year I have a lot goals I want to work on and towards. My main goal for the year is to focus. Focus on myself, my career, my dreams, my finances, and focus on being more consistent with content creation on my blog and instagram! One of the main ways to hold yourself accountable to follow through is to tell people…

  • Shop Small This Year and Every Year

    We all say we are going to shop small more or we love to talk about how important it is to shop small, but how many of us actually follow through? I know I have talked about shopping small more or pledging to myself to spend a percentage of my shopping money at small, local stores, then I’ve repeatedly failed. It’s so easy to go on Amazon or H&M and order something and get if fast and inexpensive, I do it all of the time. It’s easy to forget that when we invest in small, local stores we invest in the community around us. The money we spend helps our…