2021 Goals

2021, I can’t believe we are almost one whole month into the year that was long awaited by many. I had planned on writing this post on goals towards the beginning of the year, but I kept procrastinating, but I am finally here to share them with you! This year I have a lot goals I want to work on and towards. My main goal for the year is to focus. Focus on myself, my career, my dreams, my finances, and focus on being more consistent with content creation on my blog and instagram! One of the main ways to hold yourself accountable to follow through is to tell people what your goals are, which is why I’m telling all of you!

The first thing I want to focus on this year is myself. Focusing on yourself can sometimes be hard or perceived as selfish, but it’s not. When you focus on yourself you can learn a lot about your wants and needs, what’s best for you! I know one way I can focus on myself is through journaling and exercise. Journaling is a way to take So this year I challenge you to focus on yourself, learn more about you and what makes you tick!

The next thing I want to focus on this year is my career. For those who don’t know I currently work in marketing focusing mainly on social media. This year I want to try and find some of my own clients to do work for outside of my current job. I also want to start researching grad school programs. No matter what industry you work in or even if you are still in college you can find ways to work on your career, if you want too! Another part of my career I want to work on is growing my professional network, which has been challenging due to Covid. This may not be a goal for everyone, which is totally okay, I am just very career focused right now!

The next big goal for the year is focusing on a dream I have had for a very long time. I want to move to a new city, though I’m not going to fully discuss the ins and outs yet of my move, make sure to be watching and waiting for what comes next! I have already started to put into place what needs to happen for this to work. If you have a big dream that you have always wanted, make sure to make a plan so you can turn it into a reality!

The next big goal I have for this year is to work on my finances. There are several parts to this goal. The first part is that I want to save more, because I plan on moving. The next big thing is I want to spend more of my money with small businesses and with BIPOC businesses and brands. I am also going to focus on spending money with places that have sustainability in mind. I encourage you to find a cause you care about and put your money into organizations that support your cause!

The last thing I want to focus on this year is my blog and instagram. I launched my blog this past Fall, but didn’t put a lot of effort into staying consistent, which I plan on doing this year. Be on the lookout for a lot more blog posts about fashion, lifestyle, health/fitness, and lot’s of other fun things! I also want to spend more time on creating content for Instagram, like IGTV’s and reels! If you have something you like to work on on the side, sit down and take 5-10 minutes to work on a plan for it this year!

I encourage you to take some time to write down a few goals for the year or things you just want to work on! You can add to the list throughout the year or change things on the list completely! Figure out what you want to do, and just go for it. Also, make sure to remember that even though you are making these goals in the hopes of meeting them this year, its okay if it takes longer than that!



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