A Full Review Of My At Home Kiss Impress Color Nails

I recently tried out the Kiss Impress Color Manicure and love it! I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a little skeptical at first, I mean who hasn’t tried a million stick on nails only to have them fall off in an hour or so! That was not the case with these and there are a ton of color options. I decided to go with a pretty purple color this time, but I will definitely be trying other colors. One of the best parts is that they were only $6! 


  • price 
  • time, it only took 15 minutes to apply them!
  • easy application


  • they only last a week
  • you have to be kind of careful with them if you want them to last a full week (which is the length the box says they stay on)
  • not a perfect fit

A few more things, they come with a lot of different sizes so you can easily size them to your nails. Something to keep in mind though is that it won’t be a perfect fit like if you went and got them done at a nail salon. One other thing I noticed is that if you get them wet a lot they loosen a little quicker. They also can get different particles stuck around because they don’t always fit super snug. One way you might be able it fix this is trim your nails very short before applying them, I didn’t to that and I think it would have helped. Overall, for $6 these are amazing and a great way to save money or if you need a quick fix for an event and can’t make it to the nail salon!

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