Wedding Guest Dresses and Tips

Weddings, they are fun to attend and call for a new dress! Who doesn’t LOVE a reason to go shopping for a new outfit?! I know I do! One of the hardest parts of attending a wedding is your outfit and your gift, don’t show up empty handed. To help you out I rounded up some mini, midi, and maxi dresses to wear to a Fall wedding along with listing out some do’s and don’ts.

Mini/Short Dresses

Midi and Maxi Dresses

Wedding Guest Tips

  • Show up on time, no one likes a late guest.
  • Bring a gift or card. Most wedding invites will have a registry listed or you can bring a card for the couple.
  • Don’t try and monopolize the wedding couples time, they have a lot of people there and it will just stress them out.
  • If you have to RSVP, do so on time.
  • Be mindful of any seating charts and follow them.
  • APPROPRIATE ATTIRE, make sure to wear an outfit appropriate for the couples wedding. If they want formal attire be aware of that. It is there day, try and make it how they want it.
  • Put your phone AWAY. No one wants to see you on it and a photographer is usually there to take pictures. Sit back and enjoy the day, don’t ruin the couples photos with your phone being in them. 
  • If they are having alcohol, drink responsibly. No one at the wedding wants to take care of you and if you throw up the couple will NOT be happy.
  • Respect traditions and whether or not the couple decides to partake in them. If they want to do a garter and bouquet toss just go out there and stand in the back, no one is telling you that you have to dive for it.
  • Join in on any group activities, like dancing, receiving line, and the send off if they have one. It will make there day more special.
  • Say goodbye to the couple if you can, if not, find a member of the couples family and thank them. Don’t head out too early, you should stay until they cut the cake or have dessert. You can usually read the room and see when things are starting to wind down and take it as a cue to say your goodbyes. 

These are just a few of my tips for a wedding guest, as an unmarried person who has attended quite a few weddings over the past few years. I have seen some terrible wedding guest behaviors and how they impacted the wedding couple. Remember to be considerate and pick out the correct attire. If nothing else, follow the leader and you can’t fail!

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