Shop Small This Year and Every Year

We all say we are going to shop small more or we love to talk about how important it is to shop small, but how many of us actually follow through? I know I have talked about shopping small more or pledging to myself to spend a percentage of my shopping money at small, local stores, then I’ve repeatedly failed. It’s so easy to go on Amazon or H&M and order something and get if fast and inexpensive, I do it all of the time. It’s easy to forget that when we invest in small, local stores we invest in the community around us. The money we spend helps our own community, not a corporation grow even bigger. So, I’m pledging to all of you that I’m going to start spending 15-20% of my fun, shopping money at small businesses. Some will be local, some are from my college town or from small businesses I’ve found online. 

The first few businesses are places I have personally shopped at!

This place has a special place in my heart. Audacious is a boutique in Pittsburg, KS and has the some of the cutest clothes, accessories, and shoes! I went to Pittsburg State University and loved getting to shop here on the weekends, or for some retail therapy during the week. They have a great price point and also have some AMAZING beauty brands!

The sweater below is from there!

Sonder&Co. is an AMAZING store that sells items from local artisans or items designed by the owners (two women!!!). They rep the locals with a lot of their apparel, but have some amazing coffee mugs, stickers, scrunchies, and feminist items. I have gotten the majority of my laptop stickers from there and some great gifts!

They even have cat and dog toys if you are shopping for a furry friend!

The cat mom, Pittsburg, and Block 22 are from there! All of them are made by local artisans (some are still in college)!

Alex Erinn is an online boutique I found through Instagram. I am actually an ambassador for them and so far have loved everything I have purchased from them. Alex Erinn is a completely online boutique!

You can use “sarah15” for 15% off your whole purchase!

For those of you who don’t know, Robin’s is where I work! I couldn’t not put them on the list 🙂 We always carry stylish pieces at a lot of different price points. These pants are my favorite purchase I have made there!

Let's all give more support to small businesses in 2021

I hope we can all come together and support small businesses this year because they need the support! They are important pillars in the communities they are located in. I have many more small businesses I love and will definitely be sharing more of them with you! If you aren’t buying a lot right now, another great way to support small businesses is to spread the word about them.

There are so many amazing small businesses out there and I would love to support more of them. Make sure to drop any small businesses you love in the comments below!




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