Dr. Marten Sinclair Platform Boots Review

If you know me, one thing I absolutely love without a doubt is Dr. Marten boots! I’m obsessed with them and think that EVERY person needs a pair. My first experience with Dr. Martens was with the Clarissa Quad II Sandal, which I have a full review on here, and it definitely was the start of my obsession. After the sandal, I decided I wanted boots for the Fall! Which led me to the Sinclair Boot, officially called the Sinclair Milled Nappa Leather Platform Boots. I did a ton of research watched and read reviews, and still bought the wrong size, which I’m hoping to stop you from doing. 

The first thing I had to figure out when buying boots for the Fall was if I should get black or white, and which style of boot to get. I ultimately decided on the Sinclair style because it’s like two boots in one and I saw Selena Gomez wear them in Only Murders in the Building. For my first pair, I went with black because a black boot is a staple in any wardrobe. The Sinclair boot is on the more expensive side but, as I said, it’s two boots in one. You can wear them with the zipper front or as a combat boot. They are super comfortable, you can easily walk in them all day, and they are easy to style! Next, I will cover some pros and cons of the boots!


  • Super comfortable, I wore them all day traipsing around NYC when I went and my feet didn’t hurt at ALL
  • Easy to style
  • Two boots for the price of one, combat or with the zipper front
  • Durability. If you treat your docs right they will last you for years
  • Go with literally everything and can be worn year-round


  • Price, this pair comes with a hefty $200 price tag (if you want platform combat boots without the zipper I will link a few below)
  • Break-in period
  • They are hard to tie when you use the zipper (will explain in more detail below)
  • Care. Not necessarily a con for most, but if you want them to last make sure to follow the care instructions on Dr. Marten’s website

Truly I don’t think there are any cons when it comes to docs because I know their quality and worth, and I know I will get a lot of use out of them.

Next up I want to talk about sizing. So, as I said above I bought the wrong size and I never exchanged them because I was unsure if they were the wrong size. I’m telling you now, no matter what, you will need to size down in Dr. Martens. I am ALWAYS a true 8 in shoes and in all of my Dr. Martens I need a 7. I bought an 8 in these and my foot moves around way too much, and I think that is the reason they are hard to tie and never fit quite right with the zipper in. So, always size down. My solution to you is that if you have a store nearby that sells them, go try any style on to get your sizing. I was able to go to an actual Dr. Marten store in NYC and I talked to the manager who was helping me find a different pair of docs about how they should fit, this is what they said:

You don’t want your foot to move around in them and if they are tight on your pinky toe that is fine. That is where they will need to be broken in. If your foot slides around any, they are too big.

She was also able to help me find a solution for my current pair, the Sinclair boot. They have inserts you can buy that can make the shoes a half size smaller. I think there are multiple options. She put one in my shoe and it made it SO much better. I would imagine this is something you might need to do if you are a solid half-size shoe person, again I don’t know 100% and it would be best to try on any style somewhere if you can for your sizing.

Next up is the break-in period. I don’t really feel like there was one for this particular boot, but I had them a size too big. There was a very small one for my other boot, but I feel like my sandals (review here), were the hardest to break-in. 

Next up is tying the boots. You might be thinking they are combat boots Sarah, you just tie them, and that is true, for the combat side of the boot. The hard part is when you wear them with the zipper. The laces are under the zipper and you still have to tie them to wear the boot. I have tried a couple of different ways to tie them. First I wrap them around my ankle and tie them in the back and tuck them in. The second is I wrap them around and tie them in the front and try to put the zipper over the tie. They are hard to tie with the zipper. I have watched a ton of videos on tying them and I am still stumped. You definitely have to get creative with it and if you figure it out PLEASE let me know!

Lastly, I want to talk about styling the boots. I feel like they are very versatile and can be worn with denim and a sweater, shorts and a tee, skirts and a top, leggings, really anything. I will put some outfits I have worn them with below!

Overall, I love the Sinclair boot and definitely recommend them if you love boots and will wear them. You have to invest in them, but shoes are the one thing I think you should invest in when it comes to your wardrobe. You can’t beat good quality shoes that won’t hurt your feet plus, they are super durable and comfy and are perfect for walking around in. You can take them on any trip and rest assured your feet would be in good hands. If you are unsure about the style you should get, sizing, or have any other questions feel free to comment on here or reach out to me on Instagram!

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